Bulgarian European Territorial Co-operation Programme
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Project management committee :

Project manager

Dobri Dimintrov, NIMH (LP)


  • Eram Artinian, NIMH (LP)
  • Gergana Georgieva, EARBD (PP2)
  • Maria Babukchieva, EARBD (PP2)
  • Nikolaos Kotsovinos, DUTH (PP3)
  • Panagiotis Angelidis, DUTH (PP3)
  • Fotis Maris, DUTH (PP3)
  • Christos Partsias, RDF-EMTH (PP4)
  • Maria Chamitidou, RDF-EMTH (PP4)

Project Partners

Partner InstitutionCountryBorder RegionLegal Status of the Partner Institution

Lead Beneficiary (Lead Partner)

1. National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology, based in 66 Tsarigradsko Chaussee, Sofia 1784, Bulgaria

The National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology - LP is the official hydrometeorological service in Bulgaria and independent research institute operating under the Law for the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. It has 120 years history, the present organization is established by the Decision No 15/02.11.1989 and the Decree No 148/25.07.1991 of the Council of Ministers of R Bulgaria. Its primary mission is to provide meteorological & hydrological diagnostic and forecasting information and products to different organizations and users. Its duties comprise both operational, methodological and applied research activities.

The structure of the NIMH comprises the Head Quarter in Sofia, 4 Regional Centers and 28 observatories, handling more than 1000 observation stations of different type. The permanent staff consists of 740 full time employees, from which 83 highly qualified researchers.

NIMH is representing Bulgaria in the World Meteorological Organization, EUMETSAT, ECMWF, IHP UNESCO.

The main tasks of National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH), referred to as the ‘Lead Partner’, (also indicated as Project Partner 1), are summarised as follows:

NIMH will be mainly engaged in the development of the technical tools like Information system, runoff modeling and forecasting, hydraulic modeling and flood routing. NIMH will finalize the products integrating the real time runoff forecasting.

Project Beneficiaries (Project Partner)

2. East Aegean River Basin Directorate, based in 26 Bulair str., Plovdiv 4000, Bulgaria
in its capacity as Partner No. 2

East Aegean River Basin Directorate (EARBD) (P2) is a government authority and a part of the structure of Bulgarian Ministry of Environment and Water – one of the four Bulgarian competent authorities for water management. EARBD is responsible to create and implement both River Basin Management Plans (RBMP) under the Water Framework Directive and a Flood risk Management Plan under the Flood Risk Directive. Creating of good contacts with Greece partners in the field of water management of common rivers is a priority and an obligation for EARBD. Public consultations are another priority field for the organisation. The structure of EARBD consists of five departments and one of them, the Water Management Department is with 3 sectors – Flood risk management plan, River basin management plan and GIS&Data base. EARBD consists of 68 experts and technical staff. The organisation has 5 more remote offices and 3 of them are Kardjali, Haskovo and Smolyan.

The main tasks of East Aegean River Basin Directorate (EARBD) , referred to as ‘Project Partner 2’, are summarised as follows:

EARBD will create the flood warning system, implement the public awareness and publicity tasks, analyze the legal framework, adopt flood risk prevention measures and make recommendations.

3. Democritus University Of Thrace - special account - dep. of Civil Engineering, based in University Campus - Dep. of Civil Engineering, Vas. Sofias 12, 67100 Xanthi, Greece
in its capacity as Partner No. 3

Democritus University of Thrace - P4 (DUTH) was established in July 1973. It is based in Komotini, Greece&also has campuses in the Thracian cities of Xanthi, Alexandroupoli and Orestiada. The number of academic staff is about 510.The total number of Employees is about 1200. Annual RTD Expenditure (in Euros) is about 3M.

The main tasks of Democritus University Of Thrace - special account - dep. of Civil Engineering (DUTH), referred to as ‘Project Partner 3’, are summarised as follows:

DUTH will be mainly engaged in the development of the technical tools like Information system, runoff modeling and forecasting, hydraulic modeling and flood routing.

4. Regional Development Fund East Macedonia-Thrace, based in D. Tsetine 7, Komotini, Greece
in its capacity as Partner No. 4

RDF-EMTHR is one the basic Institution which is responsible for the economic and technical development in the region of Easter Macedonia Thrace and belongs entirely to public domain. It has high competence and experience in managing projects funded by EU .

RDF-EMTHR employs personnel with tenure, but it hires also external expertise to handle the projects.

The annual budget of RDF-EMTHR is more than one million euros for the past three years.

RDF-EMTHR has great capacity to directly influence national, local and regional policies.

The main tasks of Regional Development Fund East Macedonia-Thrace (RDF), referred to as ‘Project Partner 4’, are summarised as follows:

RDF will create the flood warning system, implement the public awareness and publicity tasks, analyze the legal framework, adopt flood risk prevention measures and make recommendations.

Work Packages / Actions

WP/ Action Code WP/ Action TitleStart End Cost
WP 1Management & Coordination 20/03/2012 19/03/2014 46,132.00 €
Action 1.1Preparation Activities 01/04/2011 10/06/2011 0.00 €
Action 1.2Management actions, meetings 20/03/2012 19/03/2014 30,790.00 €
Action 1.3Reporting, financial arrangments 01/06/2012 19/03/2014 15,342.00 €
WP 2Information & Publicity 1/06/201219/03/2014 58,857.50 €
Action 2.1Project public awareness campaigns 01/06/2012 19/03/2014 20,052.50 €
Action 2.2Establishing basin information sites, maps,etc. 01/12/2012 31/10/2013 28,636.00 €
Action 2.3Flood-warning legal & infrastructure framework 01/06/2012 19/03/2014 10,169.00 €
WP 3Developing full information on the river basin and water cicle proseses 01/04/201231/12/2013406,811.60 €
Action 3.1Hydro-meteorological Information System 01/04/2012 31/07/2013 28,418.30 €
Action 3.2Data collection equipment and software 01/08/2012 30/11/2013 252,929.00 €
Action 3.3Development of Geodatabase 01/04/2012 31/12/2013 88,005.10 €
Action 3.4Existing situation-reservoirs and flood prevention 01/06/2012 31/12/2013 17,209.00 €
Action 3.5Sensitive areas identification,locating hotpoints 01/05/2012 30/06/2013 20,250.20 €
WP 4 Runoff forecasting 01/04/2012 31/12/2013 103,695.70 €
Action 4.1Meteorological fields diagnosis 01/12/2012 30/11/2013 6,128.00 €
Action 4.2Runoff forecasting, real time operation 01/04/2012 31/12/2013 67,758.70 €
Action 4.3Reservoir models,scenarios of operation 01/04/2012 31/12/2013 29,809.00 €
WP 5 Flood routing - modelinig river levels during floods at semsitive areas01/04/2012 28/02/2014 118,906.93 €
Action 5.1Hydraulic characteristics and river crossections 01/04/2013 30/09/2013 70,108.00 €
Action 5.2Preparing model for each sensitive area 01/04/2012 31/12/2013 22,162.00 €
Action 5.3Modelling max level and peak discharge 01/07/2012 31/01/2014 7,875.00 €
Action 5.4Simulating water levels at significant discharges 01/09/2012 31/01/2014 10,211.93 €
Action 5.5Integration package for real time forecasting 01/09/2013 28/02/2014 8,550.00 €
WP 6Early warning system and flood prevention 01/10/2012 28/02/2014 88,816.77 €
Action 6.1Identify flood alert thresholds 01/10/2012 31/10/2013 19,741.87 €
Action 6.2Establishing flood warning procedure 01/12/2012 31/01/2014 44,602.90 €
Action 6.3Flood prevention improvement,recommandations 01/11/2012 28/02/2014 24,472.00 €